Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences



SPOTLIGHT TALK – 13/06/2024

The Warsaw Doctoral School in Natural and Biomedical Sciences and
the Institute of Physics PAS cordially invites you to a SPOTLIGHT TALK.

The talk is given by Dr. Andrés Ayuela (Centro de Física de Materiales CSIC-UPV/EHU, Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), San Sebastián, Spain)

When and where?

13th June 2024, 10:30 am
at the IF PAN Auditorium, durations: 45 min + question time


In this talk I will present a few success case studies where calculations using atomistic techniques, typical of the nanoscale, have been employed to study problems in cementitious materials. I will begin by describing challenges associated with powder cement, the clinker, with compounds such as belite, which are currently a key focus in the design of low CO2 cements. Secondly, I will proceed to describe the compounds that are formed following the hydration of the clinker. These include the C-S-H gel, which constitutes the cement glue that holds the aggregates together, as well as other secondary compounds such as portlandite. Furthermore, I will review the characterisation of the C-S-H gel using NMR techniques and how this technique can be used to define the nanoscale structure of the gel phases. Finally, I will examine the potential role of nanoadditions that could be intentionally incorporated into cement pastes.

Andrés Ayuela got his PhD in physics at University of Valladolid in 1995. He was postdoctoral reasercher at Dresden University in Technology in 1996 – 1997, in 1998 – 2003 he was reasercher at Helsinki University of Technology (including two years Marie Curie fellowship). Since 2003 he works in San Sebastián, holding scientific positions at Donostia International Physics Center and Centro de Física de Materiales CSIC-UPV/EHU.

His research interests focus on the atomistic simulations of structural, optical and magnetic properties of solids and nanostructures, such as graphene and 2D materials, nanotubes, alloys, layered oxides and cements. He published over 120 peer-reviewed papers in such journals like Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Reviews, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Nanoscale, Nanophotonics, 2D Materials, Chemistry of Materials, Cement and Concrete Research, Carbon and Acta Materialia (H-index = 38).

This event is supported by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, grant no. BPI/STE/2021/1/00034/U/00001.