Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences



On-line registration for the Doctoral School is now open!


For details please check Admission Rules for the particular academic year in Documents tab.

Admissions are made through an online system.
The candidate should prepare the following documents:

a) cover letter;
b) a copy of the relevant diploma or diplomas of completion of a degree programme – in the case of persons referred to in § 4, section 1 of the Recruitment Policy. In the case of persons referred to in § 4 section 2 of the Recruitment Policy, a copy of the first-cycle diploma or a certificate of completion of the third year of a uniform master's studies programme;
c) copies of documents confirming the course of studies and, in the case of persons referred to in § 4 section 2, copies of the documents confirming the course of first-cycle studies or the copies of documents confirming the course of the three years of a uniform master's studies programme;
d) a curriculum vitae containing, in particular, the information on the course of previous education, including a description of scientific and professional achievements and a list of publications;
e) copies of documents confirming the scientific or professional achievements;
f) consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of recruitment.

The application may be accompanied by an opinion of a researcher or academic teacher holding at least the academic degree of PhD (doktor) concerning the candidate and his/her scientific activity to date. Instead of attaching a letter of opinion it is possible to indicate a person who is a researcher or academic teacher and holds at least the academic degree of PhD, from whom the Recruitment Committee may obtain such an opinion at their own initiative. In the case referred to in the previous sentence, the candidate must arrange for this opinion to be sent in by its author to the Recruitment Committee (e-mail: phdoffice@warsaw4phd.eu) in time for said opinion to be used for the recruitment process.

The candidate's documents are assessed by the Recruitment Committees, which select the candidate(s) for the second stage of admission, namely an interview. At the Nencki Institute, during the interview the candidate's knowledge of cell biology and neuroscience is verified.
Candidates who do not hold a Master's, Master of Engineering, or equivalent degree, but will obtain it by the end of the admission process are allowed to apply to the School. In such a case, a candidate will be required to submit a diploma or a written statement on obtaining a Master's or equivalent degree by the end of the admission process.
Admission to the Doctoral School is free.
There is no fee for studying at the Doctoral School.
The academic year starts on October 1st and lasts until September 30th of the following calendar year. The start dates of winter and summer semesters can be found in the Documents tab.
A person admitted to the Doctoral School begins education and acquires the rights of a doctoral student upon taking the student's pledge.
Education at the School lasts 8 semesters and is conducted on the basis of the curriculum of studies and individual research plan.

At the doctoral student's request, in special cases justified in particular by:
  1. the need to conduct additional research, which will result in a dissertation,
  2. health or personal situation of the doctoral student,
  3. prolongation of research, resulting in a dissertation, for other reasons beyond the control of the doctoral student,
the education at the School may be extended not longer than by 2 years.
Detailed information regarding the classes can be found in the curriculum in the Documents tab.
Classes are mainly held at the Institute to which the doctoral student has been admitted. Doctoral students can participate in classes offered by other PAS Institutes forming the Doctoral School. Detailed schedule of classes is available in the Schedule of Classes tab.
Rules and Regulations

In accordance with the Act of 20 July 2018 – The Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 574), a doctoral student who does not hold a doctoral degree receives a doctoral scholarship, which amounts to PLN 2667,7 net until the month in which the mid-term evaluation is carried out and PLN 4109,7 net after the month in which the mid-term evaluation is carried out. The amount of the doctoral scholarship also depends on the source of its funding.

Doctoral students may additionally receive other scholarships pursuant to the rules and procedures provided for in separate regulations.
The doctoral scholarship paid to a doctoral student as a part of the subsidy is tax-free, but it is subject to ZUS (pension and retirement) contributions. The doctoral student can join the voluntary sickness insurance at his/her request.
Private dormitories:

Private dormitory Student Depot in Warsaw, located in Mokotów – more information here.
Every candidate/prospective doctoral student should read Rules and Regulations of the Warsaw PhD School of Natural and BioMedical Sciences, Admisison Rules and the curriculum available in the Documents tab.