Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences



Research projects

The list of research projects for the third admission round 2021/2022 is available below.

Research Projects


1.1 The role of somatostatin- and parvalbumin interneurons in the modulation of neuronal function and synaptic plasticity via the activation of GABAb receptors (Joanna Urban-Ciećko, Ph.D., D.Sc.)
1.2 Deep learning techniques in the studies of cortical circuitry remodeling following damages to the primate visual cortex (Piotr Majka, Ph.D./prof. Daniel Wójcik, Ph.D., D.Sc.)
1.3 Harnessing gut microbiota-derived metabolites to combat acute respiratory distress syndrome (Tomasz Wypych, Ph.D./prof. Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Ph.D., D.Sc.)
1.4 N-DRC proteins in cilia beating regulation and primary ciliary dyskinesia etiology (Dorota Włoga, Ph.D., D.Sc.)
2 places available
1.5 Coming together - the neural dynamics of transition from out-group reserve to in-group fellowship (prof. Ewelina Knapska, Ph.D., D.Sc./ Alicja Puścian, PhD.)
1.6 Analysis of the fusion properties of the fragments of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and HPIV (human parainfluenza viruses) (prof. dr hab. Jakub Włodarczyk /Remigiusz Worch, Ph.D.)
1.7 Mechanisms underlying ketamine-induced high frequency oscillations in the rodent olfactory system (dr hab. Mark J Hunt)
1.8 Self-awareness and processing of emotions in regular users of classic psychedelics (dr hab. Michał Bola)
1.9 How mutations in the dystrophin-encoding gene affect calcium homeostasis, energy metabolism and selected functions of vascular endothelial cells; indicating regulatory mechanisms (prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Zabłocki)
1.10 Role of metabolic stress in differentiation of pancreatic progenitor cells (prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Dobrzyń)

4.1 Ultra-cold atomic gases in optical lattices (theoretical) (dr hab. E. Witkowska)
4.2 Study of the effect of the nanostructured periodic nanomagnet lattices on magnon-photon coupling, project 1 (experimental) (Prof. Tomasz Dietl / Dr. Vinayak Bhat)
4.3 Study of the effect of the nanostructured quasicrystal nanomagnet lattices on magnon-photon coupling, project 2 (experimental) (Prof. Tomasz Dietl / Dr. Vinayak Bhat)
4.4 Topological Aspects of Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism in Group IV Chalcogenides - an Experimental Approach (Experimental) (Prof. dr hab. Maciej Sawicki)
4.5 Properties and interactions of group IV-VI semiconductor multiferroics (experimental) (dr hab. Łukasz Kilański / dr Beata Brodowska)
4.6 Rocksalt (MgZn)O alloys and (MgZn)O/MgO quantum structure and their application in deep-ultraviolet light-emitters (experimental) (Henryk Teisseyre)
4.7 MBE growth and characterization of oxide heterostructures for photovoltaic applications (experimental) (dr hab. Ewa Przeździecka)
4.8 Synthesis and structural investigation of bundles of carbon nanotubes filled with magnetic halide phases (experimental) (dr hab. Piotr Dłużewski)
4.9 Ab initio investigations of Hund’s Rule breaking organic molecules (theoretical) (prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sobolewski) - CANCELLED
4.10 Laser spectroscopy of diatomic molecules (experimental) (prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Jastrzębski / dr Jacek Szczepkowski)
4.11 Impact of chemically and physically-induced structural phase transitions on optical properties of inorganic perovskites (experimental) (prof. dr hab. Andrzej Suchocki/ dr hab. Agata Kaminska)

No projects available.