Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences



Research projects

The list of research projects for the second admission round 2022/2023 is available below.

Research Projects


3.1 Ionic liquid mixtures for supercapacitor applications (Svyatoslav Kondrat, PhD., DS.c)
3.2 Physical insights into charging mechanisms and performance optimisation of nanoporous supercapacitors (Svyatoslav Kondrat, PhD., DS.c)
3.3 Preparation of a library of pseudotyped Rabies viruses to target specific cell types in the retina (Andrzej Foik, PhD / Ewa Kublik, PhD, DS.c)
3.4 Application of the TRP calcium channels in vision restoration (Andrzej Foik, PhD / Ewa Kublik, PhD, DS.c)
3.5 Assisted surgical guiding in ophthalmology (Andrea Curatolo, PhD. / prof. Maciej Wojtkowski, PhD, DS.c)
3.6 Phase sensitive spatio- temporal optical coherence imaging (Andrea Curatolo, PhD. / prof. Maciej Wojtkowski, PhD, DS.c)
3.7 Activation of dinitrogen by multinuclear Iron complexes supported by sterically demanding N,N-ligands (prof. Janusz Lewiński, PhD, DS.c, Eng.)
3.8 Nanoplastics in living cells (Karina Kwapiszewska, PhD. Eng / prof. Robert Hołyst, PhD., DS.c)
3.9 Microfluidic methods for leukemia diagnostics using stimulated Raman spectroscopy (SRS) (Ladislav Derzsi, PhD. / prof. Piotr GarsteckiPhD., DS.c)
3.10 Laboratory and field studies on secondary organic aerosol (SOA) aging at suburban sites (Agata Kołodziejczyk, PhD. / Rafał Szmigielski, PhD., DS.c )
3.11 Synthesis of different dimensional nanopolymers for chemosensing (Piyush Sindhu Sharma, PhD., DS.c )
3.12 Development of strategies for improving stability of perovskite solar cells (Daniel Prochowicz, PhD, DS.c, Eng )
3.13 Photophysics and Bimolecular Reactions of Metal Nanoclusters (Marcin Pastorczak, PhD. / Gonzalo Manuel Angulo Núñez, PhD, DS.c)
2 places available
3.14 On the inclusion of magnetic interactions in hybrid QM/MM calculations for catalysis and spintronics (Aleksandra Siklitckaia, PhD. / Adam Kubas, PhD., DS.c)

No projects available.