Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences



Research projects

The list of research projects for the second admission round 2024/2025 is available below.

Research Projects


1.1 New strategies for probiotic supplementation in the prevention and treatment of asthma (Tomasz Wypych, PhD Eng.)
1.2 The role of impaired metabolism in PACS2 Syndrome development (prof. Mariusz Więckowski, PhD Dsc.)
1.3 Generation of cardiomyocytes from human mesenchymal cells: CRISPR-based reprogramming combined with regulation of signaling and metabolic networks (Oksana Piven, PhD Dsc.)
1.4 The role of GABAergic inhibition in the mouse model of neuropsychiatric disorders (Joanna Urban-Ciećko, PhD Dsc.)
1.5 Predicting prognosis in asymptomatic subjects with multiple sclerosis-like brain lesions using cognitive testing and advanced magnetic resonance techniques (Maciej Juryńczyk, MD PhD Dsc. / Bartosz Kossowski, PhD)
1.6 Investigation of senescence-associated alterations in the nuclear protein complex (NPC) composition and nuclear transport of vascular smooth muscle cells; the role of Nup88 in senescence progression (Anna Bielak-Żmijewska, PhD Dsc.)
1.7 Imaging of memory engrams in the hippocampus and retrosplenial cortex (Rafał Czajkowski, PhD Dsc.)
1.8 Targeting mitochondrial potassium channels to regulate cellular senescence (prof. Adam Szewczyk, PhD Dsc. / Piotr Koprowski, PhD Dsc.)
1.9 The potassium puzzle: unraveling the connection between the potassium channel and lipid kinases in kidney functioning (prof. Adam Szewczyk, PhD Dsc. / Piotr Koprowski, PhD Dsc.)
1.10 The role of NONO protein in the neuronal activity-dependent gene expression, structural plasticity, and animal behavior (Adriana Magalska, PhD Dsc.)
1.11 When body-brain communication goes awry: Investigating decision-making in nociplastic pain (Aleksandra Herman, PhD Dsc.)
1.12 Molecular mechanisms of cellular reprogramming (Adam Kłosin, PhD)
1.13 Unraveling ubiquitin- and kinase-dependent signaling cascades in the regulation of lipid and glucose homeostasis (Grzegorz Sumara, PhD Dsc.)
2 places available
1.14 Investigating the neurobiological mechanisms of the anti-addictive effects of psychedelics (Adam Hamed, PhD Dsc.)
2 places available
1.15 Inhibitory Functional Networks in Addiction Development within Social Context – a Missing Piece of Puzzle (Marzena Stefaniuk, PhD Dsc.)
1.16 Identification of astrocyte-specific differentially translated genes between mice resilient and susceptible to chronic stress (prof. Leszek Kaczmarek, PhD Dsc./ Piotr Michaluk, PhD.)
1.17 Testing the influence of GFAP on chronic stress resilience in mice and astrocytes function (prof. Leszek Kaczmarek, PhD Dsc./ Piotr Michaluk, PhD.)

3.1 Synergy of NMR and optical spectroscopy methods for the study of photochemistry and photostability of chemical compounds (prof. Jacek Waluk, PhD Dsc. / Tomasz Ratajczyk, PhD)
3.2 Horizon for Excellence in messenger RNA applications in immunoOncology [HERO] (prof. Robert Hołyst, PhD Dsc. / Karina Kwapiszewska, PhD Eng.) >
2 places available
3.3 Novel methods of conductive polymers synthesis (Piyush Sindhu Sharma, PhD Dsc. / Maciej Cieplak, PhD Eng.)
3.4 Characterization of α-Pinene and β-Pinene Dimer Esters using liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry (prof. Rafał Szmigielski, PhD Dsc. / Agata Błaziak, PhD Eng.)
3.5 Unlocking the potential of ion-transfer voltammetry based electronic tongues for date-rape drug detection in real samples (prof. Martin Jönsson-Niedziółka, PhD Dsc. / Emilia Witkowska Nery, PhD Eng.) >
2 places available
3.6 Synthesis and modification of functional nanocoatings with adaptable properties (Jan Paczesny, PhD Dsc.)
3.7 Research of highly doped amplification media and development of femtosecond laser design with high pulse energy (prof. Yuriy Stepanenko, PhD Dsc.)
3.8 Research and development of ultraviolet light pulse sources (prof. Yuriy Stepanenko, PhD Dsc.)
3.9 Creating a database for machine learning biomass gasification process control: simulations and experiment (prof. Robert Hołyst, PhD Dsc. / Paweł Żuk, PhD / Marek Dudyński, PhD)
3.10 Observation of the visual cycle in vivo using fluorescence with two-photon excitation (prof. Maciej Wojtkowski, PhD Dsc. / Piotr Kasprzycki, PhD)
3.11 Computational Design and Modeling of Novel Emitters for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (Adam Kubas, PhD Dsc. / Michał Kochman, PhD)
3.12 Vascular tissue engineering on granular scaffolds: experiments and modelling (prof. Piotr Garstecki, PhD Dsc. / Jan Guzowski, PhD)
3.13 Interactions mediated by fluctuating medium in and out-of equilibrium (prof. Anna Maciołek, PhD Dsc.)
3.14 Comprehensive, multimodal profiling of chromatin states and gene expression in single cells (prof. Maciej Wojtkowski, PhD Dsc. / Marcin Tabaka, PhD)
3.15 Photoswitching under dual confinement: a new strategy for the light regulation of functional host-guest systems (Volodymyr Sashuk, PhD Dsc.)
3.16 Application of the molecularly imprinted polymer films in electrochemical surface plasmon resonance based sensing (Piyush Sindhu Sharma, PhD Dsc. / Maciej Cieplak, PhD Eng.)
3.17 Synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles for chemosensing and electrosynthesis (Piyush Sindhu Sharma, PhD Dsc.)
3.18 Surface-Interface engineering in constructing multi-dimensional functional hybrid piezophotocatalysts for redox selective organic synthesis in flow (prof. Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero, PhD Dsc. Eng. / Dariusz Łomot, PhD Eng. / Hanggara Sudrajat, PhD)

No projects available.