Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences




A doctoral student receives a doctoral student ID card upon becoming a doctoral student.
EU PhD students can use medical services in Poland on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card EHIC, and if they do not have insurance in their country of origin, they can be insured by the Doctoral School under the same conditions as Poles (it is necessary to submit an application to the Secretariat)

PhD students from outside the European Union are obligated to conclude a voluntary health insurance contract by themselves in the National Health Fund or take out insurance against medical expenses in Poland at any insurance company. Having health insurance is mandatory.

The address for the Mazovian National Health Fund called NFZ (Mazowiecki Oddział Wojewódzki Narodowego Funduszu Zdrowia) is Tytusa Chałubińskiego 8 street Warsaw.

http://www.nfz-warszawa.pl/dla-pacjenta/zalatw-sprawe-krok-po-kroku/jak-ubezpieczyc-sie-dobrowolnie/ - there is information in English at the bottom of this page

  • 2 application forms for National Health Fund health insurance cover (attached),
  • Your passport,
  • Your Student ID Card,
  • An official letter from your university /institute confirming that you are a current student,
  • A document confirming that you are resident in Poland - registration of your accommodation or apartment rental contract

Within 7 days of signing the contract with NFZ, you need to submit the ZUS ZZA Insurance Registration Form (attached) to the Social Security Institution (ZUS) branch competent for where you live, where you will be given an individual account number to pay your health insurance contributions to the Social Security Institution (ZUS).

The voluntary health insurance rate is 55,80 zloty per month.
The voluntary health insurance contract is concluded for an indefinite term. If you have completed your studies or if you are now subject to compulsory health insurance, you must terminate your current voluntary insurance cover contract at the National Health Fund.

Another / alternative solution is to conclude an insurance contract to cover the cost of treatment in Poland with any insurance company.

Please provide a copy / scan of the conclusion of the insurance contract with the National Health Fund or any insurance company to cover the cost of treatment in Poland to the Doctoral School Office.
Over the period of 4 years of their education at the School, each PhD student has to earn at least 30 ECTS credits, of which at least 25 ECTS credits must be awarded for the specialization classes and at least 3 ECTS credits must be awarded in total for the credit for additional classes offered by the School.
A minimum of 15 ECTS must be obtained in the first two years of education.
More information: Curriculum of Studies in the Documents tab.
The winter semester completion form/report shall be submitted by 15 March and the summer semester completion form/report by 7 September.
The mid-term report form shall be submitted by 7 September.
Downloadable forms are available in the Documents tab.
Individual Research Plan shall be submitted within 12 months from the date of commencement of the education.
Downloadable forms are available in the Documents tab.