Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences



5th PhD Students Conference

The Nencki Institute will host the 5th Doctoral Student Conference on October 14 and 15. At the annual meeting, PhD students of the Nencki Institute will present their research results in the form of presentations: long talk (12 minutes talk + 3 minutes for discussion), speed talk (3.5 minutes talk) or a Poster.

The detailed program of the Conference and the list of participants can be found here.

Psychological assistance for students

Online psychological assistance for students from all over Poland – this is a new initiative of the Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland, which prepared the action “PSRP Comfort Zone”. Each student can take advantage of online therapy and take part in webinars conducted by specialists.
Through the website, students will be able to sign up for an e-consultation with a psychotherapist and consult online. This is a fully secure and anonymous solution. Additionally, a map will be published on the website, which will indicate support places where students will be able to seek help.

The action website: wsparciepsychologiczne.psrp.org.pl – a source of knowledge about psychological health.
Contact: wsparciepsychologiczne@psrp.org.pl
The action website on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2685639001672429/
The “PSRP comfort zone” action service: https://wsparciepsychologiczne.psrp.org.pl/

The consultations are in Polish, but if you need a consultation in English, please send an e-mail to: wsparciepsychologiczne@psrp.org.pl