Warszawska Szkoła Doktorska Nauk Ścisłych i BioMedycznych



V Konferencja Doktorantów

W dniach 14 i 15 października w Instytucie Nenckiego odbędzie się V Konferencja Doktorantów. Na corocznym spotkaniu doktoranci Nenckiego będą przedstawiać wyniki swoich badań w formie prezentacji: long talk (12 minut wykładu + 3 minuty na dyskusję), speed talk (3,5 minuty wykładu) lub plakat.

Szczegółowy program Konferencji oraz lista uczestników znajduje się tutaj.

Komunikat dotyczący rozprzestrzeniania się koronawirusa COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2)

Wobec napływających informacji o rozprzestrzenianiu się koronawirusa COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2) zalecamy szczególną ostrożność. Prosimy o zapoznanie się z informacjami zamieszczonymi na podanych poniżej stronach internetowych:

Zawieszone zajęcia w Instytucie Chemii Fizycznej PAN

Dear IPC PAS Doctoral Studies students and all Warsaw-4-PhD students, Dear doctoral studies instructors of the IPC PAS, In order to minimize the coronavirus threat, all classes are suspended at the IPC PAS as of March 12 (this Thursday), until April 10.

It is a hard time for the students and instructors alike, given that eventually, at the end of this semester, the exams shall be organized and course credits will be required. Obviously, however, the purpose of the present adjournment is not to prohibit all instructor-student interactions, but only to avoid gatherings. The instructors should therefore:

  • BE AVAILABLE (in person or via Skype) for individual consultations, at best during the originally announced lecture time;
  • send the basic information (consultation hours, Skype names…) to the mailing list of students that have registered for a particular course;
  • provide the detailed curricula of the missing lectures;
  • distribute the slides (and/or lecture notes, if available);
  • recommend appropriate book chapters, internet sites…

The INTERESTED STUDENTS SHOULD REGISTER by sending an e-mail to the instructor (if they have not sent it already). This applies in particular to the Basic Physical Chemistry lecture courses for which the registration was formerly not required: Quantum chemistry & spectroscopy, Termodynamika (PL), Chemical kinetics, and Electrochemistry. The decision of rescheduling a soft skill training or a 15-hour specialized lecture to late spring or to the next semester is also possible. Please keep me informed, should that be the case.

Last, but not least: instructors may consider recording their lectures to create audio/video learning materials.

Robert Kołos Doctoral Studies IPC PAS

COVID-19: brak zajęć od 12.03 do 25.03 w Nenckim

In view of the latest message from the Ministry we are closing all classes in the Warsaw-4-PhD School and within the Nencki PhD Studies Since March 12th till March 25th.

This relates only to the classes and lectures, NOT to your research, which may continue. As you know, the situation is dynamic, and the closure may be extended depending on situation. Stay calm, enjoy extra time for your research.

In the long run, the PhD programme runs over 4 years, so on the scale of things overall teaching impact should be negligible. In the meantime let us enjoy the opportunity to do more research instead.